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Individual Coaching

Coaching is thought-provoking, partnership-defining, exploring, and moving your goals closer to you. It’s kinda like running a 5K with a friend. You still have to run it; but it’s more fun, it goes faster, and you actually finish the race!

Our Approach

Coaching at Blue Shoes gets serious results without taking itself too seriously. We believe the best growth happens when clients feel comfortable but challenged, playful but serious about progress, and motivated but flexible in the path to get there.

How We Start

The first meeting is dedicated to laying the foundation of the coaching relationship with an onboarding, partnership alignment. We will explore your long-term agenda and dive into a mini session.

Each coaching engagement is co-designed with the client. We will design what works for YOU. Some folks love assessments and data-driven resources, others not so much. Some love visualization exercises and others find it too woo-woo. Some clients love reading, and others are more into audio books. Think of us as your personal development DJ, we’ll fill your ‘playlist’ with what works for your goals.

...One More Thing

What I will do – challenge, support, hold accountable, suggest resources, make connections, and cheer on! 

What coaching is not: it’s not therapy or counseling. Our approach is sensitive to and inclusive of mental health issues but will not attempt to treat, monitor or heal mental health. We are happy to provide referrals and work in concert with separate plan set forth by therapist relationships.

First Time Manager

Self-Determined Programs


Self-Determined Journeys


a 3-month journey

This micro-session package is great for someone who wants to try out coaching to see if it’s for them but wants to keep sessions shorter and costs lower. It’s ideal for someone who wants to work on a specific, short-term goal. The Refresh Package is perfect for, well, refreshing your goals!

  • Two mini 1-1 coaching sessions a month via Zoom call (30 min. each)

  • Accountability emails between sessions

  • Recordings of each session if that's your jam (Zoom only)

  • Kick-off gift box


     *Not currently accepting new clients


a 3 - 6 month journey

A journey that's ideal for someone ready to revitalize their life. You are ready to commit to showing up, working the action plan, and nailing the big boss fight #NotToday. It's also ideal if you don't exactly fit into another program but are ready to take your life from 'fine' to 'finally awesome'

  • Two 1-1 coaching sessions a month, in-office or Zoom call (60 - 70 min. each)

  • Accountability emails between sessions

  • Recordings of each session if that's your jam (Zoom only)

  • Kick-off premium gift box to support your journey

      *Not currently accepting new clients



a 12-month journey

You are ready for change. You know you need a coach to help you get there (that's why you're here!). You are ready to go ALL IN. Think: get a tattoo (sober and on purpose) all-in. Sound good? Get ready to grow!

  • Two 1-1 coaching sessions a month, in-office or via Zoom call (60 - 70 min. each). One bonus per quarter to use whenever you like!

  • Accountability emails between sessions

  • Priority scheduling as needed

  • Personal StrengthsFinder assessment

  • Recordings of each session if that's your jam (Zoom only)

  • Quarterly personalized gift box to support your journey

       *Not currently accepting new clients


For clients who are veterans or current students, we offer a discount of 20% off services. Please contact us directly to book your sessions!

Self-Determined Packages

“Manager coaching with Ashley has been so cathartic & illuminating. Getting a perspective from someone who has a strong sense of our business, our people, and learning & development has really enabled me to handle tough conversations and tricky situations. I have also been excited to suggest a session with Ashley to my peers and employees who are needing advice or coaching!”

— People Manager 

First Time Manager Program

So you got promoted and have no idea what you’re doing? First, congrats! Second, you aren’t alone. Did you know 60% of managers never receive training in their entire career? But you don’t want to wait for someone to hand you the playbook. You are ready to be the kind of manager that people brag about at brunch. Up until now your managerial education has mostly been about what not to do and you are ready to learn what to do.

This is exactly why we designed this program. We partner with you for three months with bi-weekly sessions. This program will be customized to meet you exactly where you are at. We’ll be there for every bump in the road you encounter from tricky feedback, letting someone go, and feeling like a fraud. We’ll also be there to celebrate the wins, challenge you to push for more, and cherish the journey.

This program has limited availability. If you are interested in learning more please book a discovery call. If it makes sense for you to move forward you will be asked to submit a brief personal statement or video submission application for consideration.

1st Time Manager

Book a discovery call

Let's talk about where you want to go.

“Ashley races out into the tempest, looks up to the sky, opens her heart, and says, “Bring it.” 

– Blue Crew Alumni

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